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The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns

Are unicorns real? Their popularity and enduring role in human culture certainly is. How can you win a fight against a unicorn? Why do some unicorns have wings? Why are unicorns often pictured with rainbows? Get answers to these questions and more in this fun look at unicorns throughout history. This four-color, fully illustrated book provides everything you always wanted to know about the myths, science, and history that surround the unicorn, a creature that has grown even more popular in the twenty-first century. With its stylish design and fresh, captivating illustrations, The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns will appeal to readers–children and adults alike–who can’t get enough of the world’s most elusive animal.

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The Magical Unicorn Society: A Brief History of Unicorns (The Magical Unicorn Society (2))

From the story of the 17th century sailors rescued from pirates by Water Moon unicorns, to the mystery about the girls who believed they’d discovered a Woodland Flower unicorn in modern-day Central Park, this book shares some of the most amazing stories of humanity’s experiences alongside these magical creatures.

The Magical Unicorn Society: A Brief History of Unicorns (Magical Unicorn Society, 2)

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Unicorn Day

The most important rule of Unicorn Day is to have fun, fun, fun!

The unicorns are celebrating their favorite day of the year, complete with rainbows, cupcakes, butterflies, and all sorts of joyful things. But when it’s revealed there’s an impostor in their midst, the party comes to a screeching halt…

never let a unicorn get spots

Never Let A Unicorn Get Spots!

A fun story about creative problem solving and perseverance! Never Let A Unicorn Get Spots is about a little girl who wakes up one day to her Unicorn covered in SPOTS! At first they seem harmless but then they turn into Silly SNEEZING SPOTS! She has to find a solution and quick before these spots keep spreading. Her first attempt to find a remedy fails but she refuses to give up! In the end the most magical thing happens to actual cure the spots!

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never let a unicorn scribble

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble!

Unicorns can run on rainbows, so why can’t they scribble?
This story is about a little girl who keeps hearing, “Never let a unicorn scribble!” But in her heart believes that people just don’t understand how beautiful scribbling can be. She keeps trying to teach her unicorn to scribble but soon realizes this is more difficult then she anticipated. But instead of giving up, she uses her imagination to come up with a creative way to get her unicorn to scribble, at first it looks like it was complete disaster but ends up being truly magical!

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